End of Another Great School Year!

11259810_10102299292032434_1755799590873419813_n   The halls are swept, lockers cleaned out, grade book closed, last goodbyes to friends, thanking teachers for a great year, treats and eats, field trips, awards, and the list goes on to ending another great school year! I must say that closing another chapter always feels so good, and like a big sigh of relief after working at warp speed all year long. It takes so much to ‘rev’ up a school year, and then it a blink of an eye, you are shutting it down.

This is my fourth school and who knows how many, of a new position, as being Dean of Students, Grades 5&6. It was an interesting and fun time of learning so many different personalities from parents, teachers, colleagues, and students. Each year is different, but never stops amazing me with conquering challenges, making new discoveries, and obtaining precious memories that last for a lifetime.

IMG_20150531_121754IMG_20150515_212304 IMG_20150531_121815

I am grateful for another year not just checked off, but added to a file marked W, for WELL done everyone!

How do you end your school year? What memories do you make? 

Summer fun in the sun, here we come! We all deserve such a restful time to reset, rest, reflect, and renew.